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About Our San Diego Dental Practice

The practice of Dr. McMahon and Dr. Devers provides quality dentistry for people of all ages. We pride ourselves on our patient-centered practice, doing everything possible to make dental visits pleasant for everyone. Michael G. McMahon, DDS and Brian D. Devers, DDS provide dental services in this way to the people of Point Loma, La Jolla, and Downtown San Diego.

Established Experience

All forms of healthcare, including dentistry, require significant skill and experience in order to properly conduct any treatment plans. It is understandable, then, why many of our patients would want to visit a dentist with a proven track record of effective, comfortable oral health experience.

Dr. McMahon and Dr. Devers are a couple of these dentists, as they have been practicing dentistry for many years, having treated a wide variety of patients with differing dental needs. This experience gives our San Diego dentists a unique insight into the procedures they offer, such as full porcelain crowns, which in turn improves the level of skill he can offer his patients. By visiting our dental practice, you are entrusting your care to a dentist with a history of quality dental work.

Treating Patients like Family

At our San Diego dental office our staff keeps its attention on our patients. New and existing patients are always greeted with a warm smile and can experience a comforting, respectful atmosphere. We want them to feel at home with us because we want to treat them with the same level of care that we give our own family members.

This dedication to treating patients as family is evident throughout our practice. Dr. McMahon and Dr. Devers always take time to explain the need for and steps of a treatment plan they are proposing to their patients. Our dentists can explain why a pulpotomy may be necessary for a younger patient, or why they would recommend porcelain veneers for adults looking to brighten their smiles. Taking this time allows doctor and patient to work together for the betterment of our patients’ oral health goals. Our San Diego dentists have also helped some patients outside the dental practice as well as inside; Dr. McMahon has consulted on malpractice lawsuits when appropriate in order to help protect his patients’ greater health.

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Our practice provides consistent quality dental care to Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, and La Jolla. For more information on how we can best help you, or to schedule an appointment with our practice, call our San Diego dental office today!