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Full Porcelain Crowns in Point Loma

Restoring Beauty to Smiles in San Diego, CA

The materials used and when you receive your crowns are crucial in enhancing the health of your smile. The crown must be strong enough for you to keep using the tooth, and receiving the crown should occur as soon as you first need the tooth restored, if possible. Michael G. McMahon, DDS provides same-day full porcelain crowns for patients in Point Loma, La Jolla, and Downtown San Diego.

Why Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain is a desirable material because its color, sheen, and resilience is close to that of a natural, healthy tooth. Our San Diego dentist uses porcelain to fabricate your dental crowns to give you a beautiful, strong smile with full function.

Traditionally, a dental crown would be made of metal, either a silvery mixture of different metals or gold. These crowns still have their place in dentistry today, as metal crowns are extremely resilient to wear. However, metal crowns are also very noticeable in the smile, which some patients find undesirable; even porcelain fused to metal crowns retain a thin line of visible metal at the base of the gums. Other patients cannot wear these crowns if they have an allergic reaction to the silver mixture. For most patients, using completely porcelain crown for their dental restoration is a viable and preferable alternative.

The CEREC Advantage

Dr. McMahon is able to create these crowns through the use of CEREC, a machine that can mill various dental restorations out of porcelain. During the appointment in which you receive your crowns, our San Diego dentist creates a detailed image of your smile through CEREC’s computer imaging software; this image allows Dr. McMahon to plan out the crown’s dimensions so it can accurately and effectively match your smile. Once the crown is planned out, the actual milling process can create that crown within the same appointment for instant placement.

Traditionally, both metal and porcelain crowns had to be sent out to an external dental lab for fabrication; it could take up to two weeks from your diagnosis of needing a new crown to the appointment in which you received it. By utilizing an in-office CEREC machine, Dr. McMahon can instead provide you with your porcelain crown in just one appointment.

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Michael G. McMahon, DDS can deliver beautiful, quality porcelain crowns in one convenient appointment to Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, and La Jolla. Call us today to see all the ways our restorative dental services can give you the smile of your dreams!